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So what is the goal of our review site? We list all of the best penny auctions that ship to Canada so you don’t end up at some second rate site. There are tons of penny auctions in Canada nowadays, and there are certainly major differences from site to site. We have reviews, news and promo codes so there is a lot to take in here at CanadaPennyAuctions.ca!

Canadian Penny Auction List


This is the largest penny auction in Canada and serves the most daily auctions. They are the first PA site to our knowledge to implement the buy it now option, which skyrocketed their popularity. Click the link to find out more info on that. With an insane amount of items up for grabs, deals going down all around you, a bit of patience and a lot of savvy will go a long way at Quibids.ca.

2.beezid canada   Beezid

With their new store recently opening in November of 2013, there is a renewed buzz and commotion about this site. Beezid is a penny bidding fee site that ships to Canada. Since they ship through the retailer itself (eg. Amazon), the items come extremely fast. Without a shadow of a doubt, the two auction sites that ship fastest to Canadian soil would be the first 2 on this list.

3.Arrow Right  Happy Bid Day

is an auction site that is new to the Canadian market, only recently starting to ship there. As it were, the costs were a little bit higher than average at first, but this is something that they  have got under control. HBD auctions are very beginner-friendly because they give you your bids back if you first sign up and lose them instead of winning.

Reliable, Fast Shipping To Canada

Everything that you would want to know about each of the different featured Canadian penny auctions is covered in our site overview. We don’t really list the smaller sites that have not proven themselves in a number of different criteria yet, but we will add more properties as they become more prominent in the scene. Having fast and great shipping and customer support are the two main things we look for. If you’re new by the way, this article explaining penny auctions is the first thing you should read.

As you can obviously see, the market has expanded somewhat in the last year or so, but it is still not huge. Penny auction websites in Canada will be listed here as we become aware of them and deem them a good fit for the site. Every week we had new strategy and videos to our site so hopefully you will visit us again soon. Use the navigation on the right sidebar to take you through the rest of the site, check out some Canadian reviews of penny auctions, etc. While we don’t have any forum, we know a great site who does. Check out the penny auction forums at BidsPrices, there is lots of talk going on there.